Qiyadat Global - Georgetown
A Women's Leadership Program

Driven by our belief in the importance of empowering women, supporting them and developing their skills to be able to effectively manage and assume leadership positions in all sectors, government, private and non-profit, we inaugurate this program and this collaboration with the prestigious Georgetown University, which was founded about 250 years ago to prepare and educate leaders worldwide.

This is a Saudi-American collaboration that comes as an extension of the bilateral cooperation between the two countries over the past decades, in which we believe in the importance of building bridges and cooperation to achieve common goals.

Nouf Abdullah Al Rakan

Founder, Executive Director - Qiyadat Global Georgetown Program


About the Program

With the high demand for organizations to develop the leadership skills of their female employees, the need for programs that explore and develop leadership skills for female leaders continues to grow. The Qiyadat Global - Georgetown is a women's leadership program delivered virtually in collaboration between the Qiyadat Global program in Saudi Arabia, and Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business in the United States.

Enhance Personal Leadership Skills
Improve Leadership Decision Making
Lead Organizational Change
Lead for Performance
Sixteen 60-minute Academic Sessions
Cohorts of 50 Participants
Virtual Seminars
Case Study Sessions
Role Plays
Active Discussions
Simulations / Gamification
Team Building Exercises
Fully Paid Program
Certificate Award Ceremony

Executive Committee for Candidate's Evaluation and Selection

A voluntary committee of executive Saudi women leaders with rich experience and track record in establishing and supporting programs and initiatives for women at the local and international levels. Click here to learn more about the Executive Committee.

Objective of the Program

It provides emerging women leaders with an intense learning program focused on practical strategic leadership skills for effectively managing and overcoming challenges faced by female leaders.

Format of the Delivery

This is an online program comprised of an orientation module and five days of interactive online sessions that leverage Georgetown’s respected in-house innovation center, the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, to create a rewarding remote learning experience. The Program is intended to be held virtually and, it incorporates interactive program rather than a series of continuous one-way lectures.

Who Should Apply

This program is designed for women who have shown high potential in middle-management in business, government or non-profit organizations and wish to transform their talent by learning the knowledge and gaining the tools to prepare themselves for roles in senior leadership, including the C-suite and beyond.


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